Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update to the Sweet 100 -- Nanaimo Bars

"We have nothing sweet to eat," Dear Husband (DH) complained yesterday. So, in exchange for his playing taxi driver for Younger Daughter, I knocked another entry off the Sweet 100 list.

Nanaimo Bars. Oh. My. (Ahem . . .) Goodness. (We are a family-friendly blog here.) What are Nanaimo Bars? Are they a (no-bake) bar cookie? Are they candy? Are they both, like KitKat or RitterSport? I vote both. They have a graham cracker-nut-coconut crust on the bottom, a custard-powder enriched buttercream in the middle, and a chocolate layer on top. If you make them, cut them small. As noted before, we at the Soy-free Kitchen tend to be gourmands, but DH and I each ate only one small piece last night before falling into a sugar stupor.

--Soy-free graham crackers. New Morning brand is a good one. Make sure you don't get the cinnamon ones.
--Soy-free chocolate. We used 4 ounces of Kosher-for-Passover chocolate chips we had lying around the pantry. They were Mishpacha brand, and I believe we had ordered them online, perhaps from, in the runup to Passover last year, or perhaps even the year before.

We had Bird's custard powder in the house, although a poster on Cakespy says you can use vanilla pudding mix in a pinch.

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