Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving without soy; maple walnut pie

Remember way back in post #1 I said that you can eat like a normal person without soy, but you have to make a lot of things from scratch? That's the theme for Thanksgiving.

--Turkey: 100% natural or kosher, no self-basting birds
--stuffing: made from scratch, from high-end bakery bread or homemade, no stuffing mix
--cranberry sauce: premade is safe, but homemade tastes better
--mashed potatoes: made with butter and milk
--gravy: made from scratch
--sweet potatoes: canned are safe, made from scratch taste better
--green beans: no canned-soup-green-bean-casserole-with-canned-onions. The soup has soy, and so do the onions. I make green beans almondine with just butter, lemon juice, and sliced almonds
--rolls: made from scratch. Use the bread machine to make dough
--salad dressing: find a premade one without soy, or use Good Seasons and olive oil
--pie: Pillsbury brand premade pie dough is made from lard, so it's safe. Most other brands aren't.

One of my daughters told the guest she invited that we will have 4 different kinds of pie. So, apparently I am making
--maple walnut

We have maple walnut pie because one of the daughters is allergic to pecans. It is easily made from a pecan pie recipe. You substitute maple syrup (grade B if you can find it. Add 1 tsp maple flavoring if you can't) for the Karo syrup and walnuts for the pecans.