Sunday, January 20, 2008

Names for Soy

Remember our motto, check every label, every time? I have collected some key words --in alphabetical order--to look for if you are avoiding soy:

Abura-age – sliced deep-fried tofu
Atsu-age – deep-fried tofu
Bac-O's – Brand name for imitation bacon bits
Bacon bits, imitation
Bean curd
Emulsifier 322 (this is lecithin in Europe)
Gan-modoki – soy dumpling
Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP) – (source may be soy)
Hydrolized soy protein (HSP)
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) – (source may be soy)
Kinako (Japanese for soy flour)
Kouridofu (not sure what this is)
Koya tofu (freeze-dried bean curd)
Kyodofu (freeze-dried bean curd)
Lecithin – can be made from soy, eggs, or corn. You can call the manufacturer, but I just avoid it. It is very cheap to make lecithin from soy because they can use the leftovers from making soy oil.
Natto – a Japanese food made from fermented soybeans
"Natural flavoring" -- you have to call the manufacturer to make sure this isn't soy
Nimame - boiled soybeans
Okara (soy pulp)
Olean – brand name for Olestra
Olestra – the stuff they use to make "fat free" chips
Uno-hana -- same as Okara
Protein extender
Protein filler
Sobee (brand name of a soy-based baby formula)
Soy (duh)
Soy bran
Soy butter
Soy cheese
Soy flour
Soy grits
Soy milk
Soy nuts (or soynuts)
Soy protein concentrate
Soy protein isolate
Soy sauce
Soy sprouts
Textured soy flour (TSF)
Textured soy protein (TSP)
Textured vegetable protein (TVP) – (source may be soy)
Tofurky -- brand name for a soy-based artificial turkey product
Vegetable broth – like in the tuna cans
Vegetable gum
Vegetable protein – (source may be soy)
Vegetable oil (often soy oil if it is not labeled as something specific like safflower or canola)
Vegetable shortening (usually a blend of soy and cottonseed oil unless labeled otherwise)
Vegetable starch – can be soy
Vitamin E - here I am talking about the kind in the capsule suspended in oil. What kind of oil do you think that is?
Yuba (tofu skin)

Note: some websites say to avoid MSG and mono- or di-glycerides because they can be made from soy. I am VERY allergic--one Whitman's chocolate and I am wheezing from the lecithin--but I have never had any problem with either of these. But, just so you know.

Here's a good website from Canada:


Katie said...

I was curious about the Olestra. If Olestra is derived from soy, or somehow contains soy; wouldn't the chips company (Lay's) have to disclose in the allergens "contains soy" since it is a top 8 allergen? It's just that I've never heard of this one, although I wouldn't eat it even if it wasn't soy anyways. (allergic to soy, gluten and casein)

Kay Hiller said...

For some reason, soy oil does not always show up on allergen information. Even when the list says in bold something like "contains wheat ingredients" and nothing else, I check for soy oil, and sometimes it's there. Not everyone who is soy-allergic is allergic to the oil, or to lecithin, but I am.