Monday, January 14, 2008

Avoiding Soy While Losing Weight

I have decided to lose--ahem--a few pounds. In a way this is easy, because I control all the food I eat, anyway, taking my own supplies to work.

Of course, in other ways, this is hard. One way it is hard, is, even if I wanted to, I couldn't use some of the commercial diet plans.
- Jenny Craig food has soy.
- Nutrisystem food has soy.
- L.A. weight loss uses your own food, but they sell you energy bars with soy in them. (I understand they are optional.)
- Weight Watchers uses your own food, but their commercial products tend to have soy.
- Lean Cuisine has soy.
- I am not sure about Diet to Go, but. . . .

My favorite radio and online doctor is Gabe Mirkin. He recommends a modified DASH diet, in which you eat per day:
About 8 servings of WHOLE grains
At least 5 vegetables
At least 5 fruits
Up to 3 fat free dairy products
Up to 2 servings of seafood (avoid meat and poultry)
Beans or legumes (no limit)
1-2 tablespoons nuts or seeds
Up to 3 teaspoons olive oil (optional)
Minimal added sugars (none if diabetic or trying to lose weight)

I think that 1.) for me, this is too much food, and 2.) with the soy allergy, I tend to avoid beans and legumes lest I get allergies to these related foods, too. So, I will be eating meat and poultry, as well as fewer grain servings. But overall, this is what I am shooting for.

P.S. Yes, I exercise.


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