Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Soy-free Kitchen Goes on the Road, part 4

My dear husband and I spent Thursday and Friday night in Baltimore, courtesy of my generous MIL, who was in town prior to taking a cruise. This involved a stay in a very nice Marriot on the harbor, but with no kitchenette. Meals went like this:

Thursday dinner--Seafood restaurant (Oceanaire, very nice, but pricey). Steamed clams and steamed broccoli. The best steamed clams I ever had--not chewy, not sandy, and a great wine-and-garlic broth.

Friday breakfast--in the hotel. Shredded wheat, banana, and coffee. (I had a box of Total Raisin Bran in the room in case there was no cereal I could eat.)

Friday lunch--turkey sandwich, chips and fruit bought at Whole Foods (!) a block away from the hotel (!)

Friday dinner--Veal Marsala, at La Scala, an Italian restaurant a couple of blocks away in Baltimore's "Little Italy. I give this restaurant a B+. The food was good (and plentiful) but the decor was old and a little lame. It was homey rather than glam. The prices were great, however ($19.95 for veal!?!) Recommended.

Saturday breakfast --in the hotel again.

No incidents! We had called La Scala ahead of time to make sure they were soy-free, and they were. And we lucked out that there was a Whole Foods a block away.

Next installment: We make something we haven't tried yet from the Sweet 100.

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