Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cliche Onion Dip for New Year's

Once in a while you want to go back to your food roots--what you ate when you were a kid.  Onion Dip made with Lipton Onion's Soup Mix is out (I check the ingredients every time I see it).  Try this instead:

2 cups sour cream or light sour cream
2 tsp soy-free beef bouillon powder, or 2 soy-free bouillon cubes
1 Tbsp dried onion flakes
1/2 tsp grain-based coffee substitute, for color (optional)

Crumble the bouillon cubes, if using.  Stir all ingredients together.  Let sit 5 minutes and stir again.

Soy-free beef bouillon: I used Knorr, but their "cubes" are the same as 2 normal cubes.  Also, check the ingredients because sometimes they are soy-free, and sometimes not.

NOTE:  For grain-based coffee substitute, I use Postum, but they don't make it anymore.  There are other brands, like Pero, but I haven't tried them.

ANOTHER NOTE: as of this posting, Lay's Ruffles and Lay's Light Ruffles potato chips are soy-free.

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