Sunday, June 14, 2009

Panera Has an Asiago Loaf That is Out of This World

And soy-free.


vb said...

This is a bit off topic but I recently found your blog and was wondering if you had any suggestions for a multi-vitamin that is soy free? I dont know if you use one but they are quite hard to find!

Kay Hiller said...

When I take vitamins, I take Flintstones chewables. I asked a nurse practitioner friend about it, because I couldn't find any grownup vitamins without soy, either. She said you got all you needed from the Flintstones kids' vitamins.

BubbleGirl said...

I have found a soy-free (and gluten free!) vitamin. My insurance is through Kaiser, so I know it is found there, but I am sure it can be found elsewhere. Here is a link to the site - more specifically the ingredient label.